Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lipogen PS Plus

Here is what I got in the mail today from BzzAgent.
Lipogen PS Plus
Here is what I got in the mail 

  1. 2 bottles of Lipogen PS Plus 60 gel caps
  2. 6,  50% off coupons for Lipogen PS Plus 
  3. Bzz Guide

This info is from BzzAgent's website
  • Can help improve your power of recall and your ability to learn
  • Helps you feel more comfortable in new situations, more optimistic and more upbeat
  • Contains natural, soy based active ingredients that have not been genetically modified
  • FDA Generally Recognized As Safe since 2006
  • Available online and via phone at and 1-800-607-0443
OK dad I hope this helps you!!
Chow chow for now

Update 1/9/12
Spoke to my dad and he just bought 3 more bottles of the Lipogen PS Plus. He has high hopes for this!!!

Update 1/25/12
Spoke with my dad again and he seems to me in my opinion to be in a better mood. He has not yet said his memory is better, but I think it is a bit better. He usually calls me and as soon as we finish talking, he would call me right back sometimes multiple times cause he forgot to tell me something. I can say for myself he still does that at time, but for the most past he calls and finished the conversation and has no need to call back again as frequently. So fo me there is a slight improvement. As for him check out his update below.
I have a little update from BzzAgent too!

With this unique digital code, you or your friends can receive up to 50% off any Lipogen PS Plus™ order placed online or via the Lipogen call center! Visit or call 1-800-607-0443 to redeem this special offer.



  1. This is Annette's father.(Wild Bill) I am placing a short note here in reference to her blog on the Lipogen PS Plus that she got for me concerning my CRS (can't remember STUFF) problem. She gave it to me on Christmas and I was to start the program immediately. Here it is a few days into the new year of 2012 and my CRS is working fine. My daughter called today to see how the supplement was working. i did disappoint her with my answer. I did have a couple of things that was going on that distracted me from implanting the Lipogen program. (Both a medical and a vehicle repair problem) My daughter is really concerned about if the Lipogen PS Plus can help my CRS problem. She is really a very caring person and is really concerned about me and wants to help. After all she IS a nurse. Well I started the Lipogen PS Plus program at lunch today (4 Jan 2012). I will get back to everyone in 3 weeks. The enclosed information states it takes a few weeks for people to start feeling benefits. To me couple is 2 and a few is 3. So approximately 25 Jan 2012 you will see more information concerning me (Wild Bill) and the Lipogen PS Plus Dietary Supplement. In the mean time you may want to visit here:

  2. Hello once again. It's 25 January 2012 and as I said I'll (Annette's father "Wild Bill " (A retired Vet)). As for the Lipogen PS Plus. I did remember to come back to report some results after 3 weeks. So that is a good thing. I have been taking this supplement for 3 weeks now. As for any results I have to say the jury is still out. I do think the supplement has merit and can do some good. After all Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) is the only brain support dietary supplement ingredient officially recognized by the FDA with a Qualified Health Claim for both cognitive dysfunction and dementia. Lipogen PS Plus is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA since 2006. That being said, I thought I would give it more time to show me positive results. I have purchased three more bottles to give it more time to show me the results I expect. I have been taking 3 soft gels daily and will continue to do so with the other 3 bottles. My CRS problem (not having the ability of simple recall in many simple daily conversations) is something that really bothers me when I am trying to express myself. It would be nice to not say "I forgot that name", "the time", The name of that person" etc. So I'll try three more bottles and see what happens. I will post any positive results. Remember to enjoy your day weather you want to or not and above all remember to vote 2012. Let's restore America.

    1. Well here it is 17 February and I am back once again. I am Annette's father "Wild Bill " (A retired Vet). As for the Lipogen PS Plus. I must say the jury is more than just out. I have taken more than 3 bottles of the Lipogen PS Plus and I have to say that I don't feel any better or anything in any way. My opinion is that if any results are to be felt, it may come within several months (or longer) into the program. I would have like to have some positive results once taken 3 bottles. NOW this is my opinion. Every person is different. I would suggest that if you have CRS, give the Lipogen PS Plus a try for at least 2-3 months and see if it has a positive results. I say this because the FDA has some positive feed on this. It just did not do anything for me. Anyway, I want you all to have a Great Day weather you want to or not . . .