Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase

So I have been using the Anti-Wrinkle Daily Cream and Under eye recovery for 4 weeks now. I personally have not seen any improvement in my skin's texture or appearance.
The Anti-Wrinkle Daily cream with SPF30:
The claims are to soften lines and wrinkles, brightens skin and makes your skin more soft and hydrated with fewer wrinkles and dark spots. The consistency of the daily cream is quite thick and I am not able to wear it under my makeup due to it being so thick and not absorbing into my skin with the recommended dime size amount. I do however use it at a minimun in the daytime by applying a very small amount to my fingers and rub on my cheeks and around my mouth which are my driest areas of my face. Whatever is left on my fingers I use it on the rest of my face. In my opinion it is just another daily cream. I do not plan on purchasing this when I have finished the tube. I was so hopeful about this product and was very sad to not see any changes. I do have hyperpigmentation (dark spots) on several areas of my face. All the areas of my face remain the same. There was also no change to any fine lines. I am still going to use the cream till it all gone and hopefully by then I will see something different (I HOPE).  

As for the Under eye recovery:
The claim is to uncover fresh, energized and beautiful eyes in 14 days. Soothe and deflate puffiness, decrease dark circles as it brightens and boosts collagen to smooth the signs of wrinkles and minimize future bags by stopping liquid accumulation and inhibiting loss of elasticity. These are huge claims.
The consistency is quite nice and thin. It absorbs very quick and I enjoy how it feels on my skin and around my eyes. Unfortunately I did not see any improvement in my dark circles or puffiness around my eyes. I actually noticed my dark circles a little bit more in my after photos. I know I have not been sleeping well and that is definitely contributing to the puffiness, but that was one of the claims to minimize "future bags".  Not the case for me. I have read it works wonders for others, but was not the miracle treatment I was hoping for. I know the lighting is different in the two photos below, but you can see there really is no change in the two

You can still see from one picture to the next a few of my dark spots on my cheek. Under my eye is still the same. The color is a bit off, but you can still see my skin remained the same after use of 1 month.

Nice photos..... See no lashes. :O

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

BzzAgent's Hill's Science Diet Campaign

My dog Digger's experience with the Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance was a very positive one. He was definitely excited and did not turn his nose up to it. He gobbled it right down! He didn't get any tummy troubles either. He does tend to get n upset tummy when trying new foods, so I am happy he is good. If anything changes will update later.

He never hesitated, just gobbled away. It was crunchy and the perfect size for him. There was no crumbs all over the floor when he was finished like there usually is. No MESS YEA!

Posing and doing tricks for a special meal!!
Thank you BzzAgent and Hill's Science Diet!! Digger thanks you too!!

Chow chow for now

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I did. Purell BzzAgent Campaign

I gave my kiddos each a JELLY WRAP PURELL for their backpacks. 
They got to choose their own color and thankfully they chose different colors. 

My middle one chose the Cool Blue color. He really liked having it and showing it off to his friends at school. He said he uses it frequently! 
He's so cute, he came home and said "mom is it ok if I let my friends use it too?" 
I told him "Of COURSE!!" I need to go and get an extra large bottle to refill theses!

This was my oldest child. He of course chose the Green to match his back pack. He does't have much to say, but definitely wanted to have one for himself. He is always very quiet. 

Of course mommy's is PINK and PRETTY!
I am a nurse, so you know we always have to clean or sanitize our hands. I keep it on my office keychain, since I have to have it on me all the time. My co-workers always say oh how cute!

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Thank you Purell and BzzAgent! Until next time
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hill's Science Diet BzzAgent Campaign

Yes SIR!
I have joined another BzzAgent Campaign!
It is as you can see 


Natural ingredients in perfect balance for your dog — not too much, not too little

I just ordered my bag of Hill's Science diet for my cutie patootie doggie DIGGER! I chose the Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner Dry Dog Food. He is so lucky, he gets to eat his Bzz Campaign! He is picky and a bit sensitive to different foods, so let's see how he likes it and tolerates it!!
Cannot Wait to see his reaction. I know he will think it's a treat!

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