Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lipogen PS Plus

Here is what I got in the mail today from BzzAgent.
Lipogen PS Plus
Here is what I got in the mail 

  1. 2 bottles of Lipogen PS Plus 60 gel caps
  2. 6,  50% off coupons for Lipogen PS Plus 
  3. Bzz Guide

This info is from BzzAgent's website
  • Can help improve your power of recall and your ability to learn
  • Helps you feel more comfortable in new situations, more optimistic and more upbeat
  • Contains natural, soy based active ingredients that have not been genetically modified
  • FDA Generally Recognized As Safe since 2006
  • Available online and via phone at and 1-800-607-0443
OK dad I hope this helps you!!
Chow chow for now

Update 1/9/12
Spoke to my dad and he just bought 3 more bottles of the Lipogen PS Plus. He has high hopes for this!!!

Update 1/25/12
Spoke with my dad again and he seems to me in my opinion to be in a better mood. He has not yet said his memory is better, but I think it is a bit better. He usually calls me and as soon as we finish talking, he would call me right back sometimes multiple times cause he forgot to tell me something. I can say for myself he still does that at time, but for the most past he calls and finished the conversation and has no need to call back again as frequently. So fo me there is a slight improvement. As for him check out his update below.
I have a little update from BzzAgent too!

With this unique digital code, you or your friends can receive up to 50% off any Lipogen PS Plus™ order placed online or via the Lipogen call center! Visit or call 1-800-607-0443 to redeem this special offer.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

BzzAgent Campaign LIPOGEN PS Plus

So this is a special campaign. This one I accepted for my dad. 

This product claims to improve your memory and boost your ability to learn new things. By using these 2 very complicated to say ingredients..... Phosphatidic Acid (PA) and PhosphatidylSerine (PS). WOW those are BIG WORDS. Anyway with age we lose these brain building blocks, so the Lipogen PG is suppose to bring them back.

I have to say it is very complicated, but anything for my dad.

He is always complaining that he has "CRS" Can't remember S#!T. So I told him about it and he is excited to try this out and see if he can remember more. LOL. I will update you when I get it in the mail!

Chow chow for now