Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I did. Purell BzzAgent Campaign

I gave my kiddos each a JELLY WRAP PURELL for their backpacks. 
They got to choose their own color and thankfully they chose different colors. 

My middle one chose the Cool Blue color. He really liked having it and showing it off to his friends at school. He said he uses it frequently! 
He's so cute, he came home and said "mom is it ok if I let my friends use it too?" 
I told him "Of COURSE!!" I need to go and get an extra large bottle to refill theses!

This was my oldest child. He of course chose the Green to match his back pack. He does't have much to say, but definitely wanted to have one for himself. He is always very quiet. 

Of course mommy's is PINK and PRETTY!
I am a nurse, so you know we always have to clean or sanitize our hands. I keep it on my office keychain, since I have to have it on me all the time. My co-workers always say oh how cute!

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Thank you Purell and BzzAgent! Until next time
Chow chow for now

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